Guide FPS LAG Windows 10 - Fix

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Guide FPS LAG Windows 10 - Fix

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 25/05/2016, 16:04


Siamo felici di annunciarvi che P4Story supporta nativamente da ora Windows 10 senza l'utilizzo di D3D9.dll .
Dalle impostazioni di gioco sarà possibile per chiunque abilitare la nuova "Windows 10 Mode" (Beta).
Funziona anche sui sistemi operativi precedenti con un miglioramento degli FPS.
Chiudi e riapri il gioco per aggiornare il client.
Buon divertimento!

We are happy to announce that p4story supports now natively Windows 10 without the use of D3D9.Dll.
In the game settings it will be possible for anyone to enable the new "Windows 10 mode" (Beta).
It also works on earlier operating systems with an improvement of fps.
Close and reopen the game to update the client.
windows 10.png
windows 10.png (111.76 KiB) Viewed 2861 times
Old fix: / Vecchio fix:

1. Download this file:

2. Extract the zip file
- Commonly right click on the file icon, Extract.

3. Try, one by one, the d3d9.dll files in the zip.
a) In the extracted file there are 15 folders each one with a d3d9.dll.
b) Copy the 1st d3d9.dll in the game folder ( usually C:\Program Files x86\P4StoryEN )
c) Run the game
d) Does the game work?
> Yes, enjoy!
> No, close the game and repeat the step b) with the next d3d9.dll file.

You can find other d3d9.dll files here:

1. Scarica questo file:

2. Estrai il file zip
- Comunemente con un clic del tasto destro del mouse sull'icona, Estrai.

3. Prova, uno alla volta, i file d3d9.dll estratti dal zip.
a) Nel file estratto ci sono 15 cartelle ognuna con un d3d9.dll.
b) Copia il primo d3d9.dll nella cartella del gioco ( in genere C:\Program Files x86\P4Story )
c) Avvia il gioco
d) Il gioco funziona?
> Si, buon divertimento!
> No, chiudi il gioco e ripeti il punto b) con il prossimo file d3d9.dll

Puoi trovare altri file d3d9.dll qui:

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Post by [GA]Mercurio » 25/05/2016, 16:11


If your game client requires some minutes to load after the latest update of Windows Defender, especially under Windows 10, follow this steps:

1. Go in the exclusion page of the Windows Defender ... s-defender

2. Click on "Esclude a folder" and choose the P4story's game client folder.
( Usually: C:\Program files x86\P4StoryEN )

3. Start now your game client!

[!] Why the game is slow with Windows Defender?

With the latest update the scan of windows defender makes the game very slow because the anti-hack prevents to scan the game files.

If you have windows 10 build 1809, read the next message.


Se il tuo client di gioco richiede diversi minuti per avviarsi dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento di Windows Defender, specialmente con Windows 10, segui questi passi:

1. Vai nella pagina delle esclusioni di Windows Defender ... s-defender

2. Clicca su "Escludi una cartella" e scegli quella del client di P4Story
( Di solito: C:\Program files x86\P4Story )

3. Avvia il tuo client di gioco!

[!] Perché il gioco va lento con Windows Defender?

Con il recente aggiornamento la scansione di windows defender rallenta il gioco perché l'anti-hack previene la scansione dei file del client.
Windows defender è divenuto più invasivo.

Se hai windows 10 build 1809 leggi il prossimo messaggio.

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Build 1809 - How to rollback

Post by [GM]Vega » 07/12/2018, 19:22

1 - Open Settings app and go to Update and Security.
2 - Open Recovery from the left.
3 - Now if the Windows.old folder is present, you would see the option titled “Go back to the previous verison of Windows 10″
A.png (44.19 KiB) Viewed 6996 times
4 - Click Get Started. If the PC is on battery, plug it in.
5 - Select the reason why you want to Rollback.
6 - After some time, the device would rollback to 1803.


There is one more method to rollback Windows 10. This is beneficial if you cannot boot into Windows itself. For those, please see the steps below:

1 - Boot to Windows Recovery environment. To boot to it, you have two options:
- At the lock Screen, press Shift and click Restart from the bottom right. You would be booted to Windows RE.
-Reboot the PC three times during boot.
2 - Go to Troubleshoot.
3 - Click Uninstall Updates
recovery-2.jpg (382.25 KiB) Viewed 6996 times
4 - Select Uninstall Latest feature update.
recover-1.jpg (185.37 KiB) Viewed 6996 times
5 -The PC would reboot and ask you for login credentials.
6 - Enter those and the rollback would be initiated.

Credits yourwindowsguide


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