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[NEW] Battle Frontier

Post by Exakan » 01/09/2020, 16:06

Battle Frontier is a new PvP-focused mode, added with the 2nd September Patch.
The mode is still in Beta, feedback and bug reports please only in tickets at p4story.com

TimesBF.jpg (41.34 KiB) Viewed 2925 times
BFR = Battle Frontier

MapBFR.png (310.14 KiB) Viewed 2925 times
For now this is the BFR map, more variants are coming soon.
There is a tower in the north and in the south.
Both teams have a protected base.
Both teams can use medals, potions, battlemode skills (S1-S6).
Both teams have a buff NPC in their base.
All items are Lv78.
In BattleFrontier players have their own equipment colors from the open world.

How many players?
Standard is 14 versus 14 / Red versus Blue
Players and classes will enter the mode with a matchmaking.

How long is the battle?
2min time for buffs and regrouping + 25min battletime

How to win?
User interface
UIBFR.png (52.84 KiB) Viewed 2925 times

Destroy the towers to increase the % for your team.
The map has 2 towers - one in the north, one in the south:
TowerUI.png (161.07 KiB) Viewed 2925 times
Tower destroyed: 1.5min / 30seconds until he respawns
If the % of the towers reaches 0%, the match is not lost = try again to conquer them!
- A tower increases your progress by 0,1% per second
- Two towers increases your progress by 0.2% per second
- When a tower is red and the other blue the progress goes towards 50:50 with a speed of 0.05% per second

Team kills
Killing an enemy player spawns a red or blue chest.
Collecting the chest adds +1 kill for your team.
ChestEnemyUI.png (195.49 KiB) Viewed 2925 times
You can collect them with doubleclick.

Kill-chests do not drop anymore, when the team difference is 15 confirmed kills.
Example 1: Score 15 to 0 = no chests until its at least 15 to 1.
Example 2: Score 10 to 25 = no chests until its at least 11 to 25

It does NOT matter how big the score is, the maximum difference is always 15 kills.

1 - Collecting a chest of your own team color = enemy can not collect them anymore = no confirmed kill for them. So, always try to collect every chest!
2 - Chests do NOT drop if the kill difference is 15 ("Kill count").
3 - It is NOT possible to collect a chest while being invisible (Archer, Nightwalker) or using AntiTarget (Priest).

1 - Players get chests for kills and assists.
2 - The team with the most kills gets +2 chest more (+1 chest for both teams in case of draw).
3 - The team with the most % (towers) gets +1 chest more (no additional chest if the % is exactly 50:50).
4 - Both teams get 3 chests by default, kills and towers chests are summed to the final score.

The reward chest:

<<Hero's Medal>>
<<Raffle Token Box>>
<<Perfect Gemstone>>
<<Arcane's Reagent Premium>>
<<Medium Experience Blessing>>
<<Cash Gemstone>>
<<Mistery Box - Bonus Attack>>
<<Paint Box>>
<<Flawless Gemstone>>
<<Reinforcement Formula>>
<<Mighty Spark of Life>>
<<Glyph Box - Defence>>
<<Spell - Upgrade of Nature>>
<<Concentration of Energy>>
<<Scroll of Resurrection>>
<<Melting Potion>>
<<Battle Royal Rank Shield>>
<<Dark Essence>>
<<Great Fortune>>

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