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Post by [GM]Vega » 12/06/2019, 20:17

Raid Boss EVENTS.png
Raid Boss EVENTS.png (373.81 KiB) Viewed 7033 times
New type of events arrived in Iberia: The Raid Boss.

A giant monster appears in Iberia.
The position is unknown, every player receives the coordinates and the zone of the Raid.
The life of the monster can't recover.
A Boss has a huge damage, pay attention when you go near him!
Only if you have at least a Power Level of 1 and your character is online at the end of Raid, you can get the reward (you can't go away from the map).

> Raid Boss Interface

Interface.PNG (275.15 KiB) Viewed 7033 times
[1] Life Bar: The amount of life of the monster
[2] Power Bar: the amount of your damages
[3] Power Level: your score level

- Every time you fill the Power Bar your score is increased by +1 and the bar goes empty for a new level.
- A high value of the "Power Level" allows you to get more rewards and increase the chance to find a more valuable reward.
- The max value for the "Power Level" is 8.
- The amount of damage required is different for each class (lower for priests).

> Rewards number

- Score 1-2: 1 reward
- Score 3-5: 2 rewards
- Score 6-8: 3 rewards

> Monsters around the Boss

supporter.jpg (91.62 KiB) Viewed 6964 times

Monsters and Boss have shared life.
If you hit a monsters with a direct damage ( except area damage like AoE ) at the same time you are hitting the Boss and fill the Power Bar.

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