Weekly Restart - 2021-09-21 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2021-09-21 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 20/09/2021, 13:48

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Battle Royal

> Equip Score - Requirement to join
- A coupon item has now a value of 1 point.
- If the weapon or a part of the equip (helmet, chest, pants, gloves, shoes) is missing, the final score of the char will be 0.
- The required score to join in the battle has been moved from 18 to 40.

> Eden Map
- The damage of the water is increased for every new tide (until a max of 10% of the char's life).
- The tides are now slower with more players.
- A suicide in the water while an enemy is hitting the char will result in a kill/assists assigned.

> Skill information shortcut for chat
- With the combination of key ALT + Right click over the skill in the skill bar, you can now send the actual cooldown in chat to your teammates.

[+] Battle Ground

> <<Dignified Suffering>> has been disabled.

[+] Battlefields

> SP gained are now displayed in the info chat.

[+] Evocator

> Protection crystal: range increased from 8 to 12 meters.
> Summoned monsters can now hit an invisible enemy when used the All Seeing Gaze.
> Whip speed has been reduced from +220 to +190.
> Spirit's Fear range has been changed from 20 to 18 meters.


> Added a Lock button near the skill bar to lock/unlock the move of the skills' icon in the bar.
> Added a new button near the skill bar to open the Talent Manager.
> Moman (from horus) pet size increased.
> Added a new NPC near puppets to reset the attack skills in Tebekut.
> Auto loop for attack skill continues to stay active when the mount is called.

> The pets' rune for these monsters are now available for drop:

Ekim Orc Guard
Ekim Orc Evocator

Ekim Orc Wind Runner
Ekim Orc Researcher

Barak Pickpocket
Kunya Seeker

Undead Rebel Soldier
Gnoll Magician
Gnoll Marksman
Storm Trooper Fighter
Slave Hunter Fighter

Avaricious Invader
Shadow Gargoyle

Greedy Carnivore

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