Server Update - 2023-09-30 00.10 GMT+2

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Server Update - 2023-09-30 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 23/09/2023, 19:46

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Talent Quests

- Talent quests will now work for the account.
> Completing a quest with one character will make it available to all other characters.

[+] Mission War

- Respawn time reduced to 5 seconds (previously 10)

[+] Duels

- Duels between two different factions are now possible in Eopar.
- The cool time reset for skills has been changed to have the same effect as the <<Meditation>> skill.

[+] Castle War

- If a Nightwalker places the flag over the statue while invisible, the effect of the skill is removed.
- Afk time is now counted from the start of the battle.

[+] Battle Royal

- A wall of fog is now visible beyond the border of the game area.
- The limit icons on the minimap are now more visible.
- An issue with assigning a kill for a suicide to a char outside of the game area has been fixed.
- It is now possible to donate a life while the character is dead.
- RedLine map: some houses and towers are now closed.
- The button to use the medals during a resurrection is now hidden (it was already disabled).
- The command button bar now starts at the top right of the screen.

[+] Warrior

<<Anaesthesia>>: Mana is now 7%
<<Desperate Attack>>: Effect is now 400% (prev 350%), mana 7%, self stun 3s (prev 5s)
<<Destructive Hit>>: Mana 7%, Duration 10s (prev 7)
<<Shackles>>: Duration 10s (prev 7)
<<Presence>>: Mana 754 (prev 1365)


- The healing HPs (Priest/Evocator) are now 15 per Wisdom point (previously 20).
- Eopar: You now have a "Whisper" option when right-clicking on a character of the opposing faction.
- The setting "Remove hide,ice,poison when call a mount" now also removes the nightwalker's "Pendatron's Blessing" skill and guild skill "Lapiris' Wings".

- The distance between the pet and the char will be increased for pets of a higher level.
- Battle of World and War of Gods: The TOP 3 reward will now be sent when there are at least 12 players in battle (previously 15).
- <<Back to village>>: The casting time is now halved.

- Talents:
> Additional HP at level 3: 5% changed in 4%.
> Physical Defence: L.1 15 - L.2 25 - L.3 35
> Magical Defense: L.1 15 - L.2 25 - L.3 35
> Pet Growth: now works on a pet up to level 18 (previously 17).

- Glyph Pet Size (Level: 1) has been added in the game shop.
- Ancient Kokuma: The HP of the Selestin Rosarga, Sweep Fire Balrog, and Moman Patrol monsters has been nerfed.
- You can now press Enter to confirm fast the Automatic Sell button message.
- Fixed some bugs:
> A random crash of game client in CW and SkyGarden.
> A glyph in an egg will always have an expiration date after hatching.
> Minor bugs.

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