Server Patch - 2017-07-08 00.10 GMT+2

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Server Patch - 2017-07-08 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 07/07/2017, 19:28

A restart is scheduled.

[+] New PvP Mode: Challenge

[+] NoMiss added in Keter/Markut/Tebekut and Challenge stadiums, except skills with a percentage of success.

[+] New item added in the Black market: [Skill Point]
Use it to gain one skill point.

[!] BR: If a player quit to avoid a death, you will get the kill/assist.

[!] NW: "Surprise attack" stun time reduced from 8 sec to 7 sec.

[!] Summoner: Skill "Mana Storm" attack increased.

[!] Summoner: Skill "Boiling Blood" changed.

[!] Warrior: "Iron Voltion" changed.

[!] Archer: "Release" chance increased.

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Re: Server Patch - 2017-07-08 00.10 GMT+2

Post by Exakan » 08/07/2017, 0:56

NEW Scroll for Skill-Points

Go to the capital and search the [Tools salesman] / [Mercante di attrezzi] - NPC.
After open the tab "Black Market".

One scroll adds +1 skill point - it works only for the character where you use the item.
The points are still available after using the item 'Potion of forgetting'.

This is only for the skills of your class, not for your companion!

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