Server Restart - 2018-09-07 00.10 GMT+2

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Server Restart - 2018-09-07 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 06/09/2018, 15:10

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Challenge:
> New option available: "Allow to use special potions".
- This option enable the use of <<Invisibility Potion>>, <<Rudolf Chocolate>>, <<White Chocolate>>, <<Almond Chocolate>>.

> NPC Belle sells now the new special potions for Challenge.
- Each item has a cost of 4 silvers.

> A new icon "blue potion" shows if in the match the special potions are enabled or not.
> The cost for premium options has been reduced
- Gemstones from 20 to 10 medals
- Boosts from 25 to 15 medals

[+] Nature of Items
- Archer: Sword isn't evaluated anymore
- NW, War: XBow isn't evaluated anymore
All classes have now the same max value.

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