Server Restart 2018-12-21 00.10 GMT+1

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Server Restart 2018-12-21 00.10 GMT+1

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 19/12/2018, 21:42

A restart is scheduled ( 21 Dec, not Today ).

[+] Update for King of the Hill ( Beta )
- Corpses aren't shown in the radar anymore
- Teammates with 0 HP aren't shown in the Team Bar anymore (with scratch option enabled)
- Skill "Meeting Point" cooldown has been reduced to 1 min
- The chat color for King is different
- After a Teleport there is now a little time of invulnerability
- A fix for guardians in Fortress color has been applied
- The fortress with the barouche is highlighted with red in the Hold Time UI.
- HotKey CTRL+F1..F7 can select first 7 pinned players in the Team Mate Bar.
- Using the command /newking in chat is now possible to start a poll to change the King.
> You can click on Yes or No.
> With 50% + 1 of votes (of online players) the poll is concluded.
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