Weekly Restart - 2019-02-26 00.10 GMT+1

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Aggiornamenti e patch future
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Weekly Restart - 2019-02-26 00.10 GMT+1

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 25/02/2019, 10:22

A restart is scheduled.

[+] KoH (King of the Hill):
- A new positions for the Barouches in the bases
- After 8 minutes of possession of a Barouche a new Round begins.
- In according with all feedbacks received, the MatchMaking has been applied to the battle.
> If the choices are strictly unbalanced the MM will adjust the groups.

[+] BoT:
- A problem with the +24 upgrade level has been fixed
- Is now possible invite up till 4 players and start the battle with a chosen full team.

[+] New item "Dye removal for companions"
> You can find it in the Black Market of your capital.

[!] S. Valentine event off

[+] New Chakra Effects
> New effects added in the Sky Garden/Castle and Territorial War effects boxes.

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