Weekly Restart - 2019-04-04 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2019-04-04 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 03/04/2019, 18:38

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Ancient Kokuma:
- Is now possible drop from leader monsters 2 new items:
# <<Magic crystal>>
# <<Magical herbs>>
- The <<Invite for Ancient Kokuma>> (from daily quests) is now tradable.

ancientkokuma.png (7.47 KiB) Viewed 1568 times

[+] From the Craft NPC in the capitals is now possible get a new item: <<Enchanted Seal>>
- You need <<Magic crystals>> and <<Magical herbs>>

[+] A new NPC arrived in Tebekut: Umberto [Colour Expert]
- This new NPC allows you to apply a color on your Red/Blue chakra to change your style.

umberto.png (268.17 KiB) Viewed 1570 times

[+] A new reward appeared in all battlefields' boxes: <<Sealed Chest>>
- This special box can be opened only if you have an <<Enchanted Seal>> in your bag.
- Every battle gives you a box with a different special content: <<Chakra Coloring>> items.

[+] A new way to change the color of your Chakra!
- More Customization: Applying a <<Chakra Coloring>> on your Red/Blue chakra you can change the appearance of your character!
- To apply a new color on your chakra the only cost is 30 golds.
- Before apply, you can use the Demo button to see the result of the <<Chakra Coloring>>.

chakra.png (210.23 KiB) Viewed 1564 times

[+] Tournament:
- In Priest vs Priest isn't now possible use the skills "Return to Nature" (Squirrel stun) and "Pure Soul" (antitarget bubble).
- In case of death in the tournament lounge you can simply logout and login again the character to resurrect.

[+] King of the Hill:
- The Whip has now a reduced cost from 2000 BP to 500 BP.

[+] All Battlefields:
- The problem with "All classes" helmet has been fixed.
- If you are using the "All classes" helmet it will be replaced with a compatible helmet pvp 68 for your class.

[+] War of Gods:
- After a reconnection is now possible see the flags taken by players correctly.

[+] Windows 10 Mode is now available for the Old Client UI.
- FPS cap removed
- The chat command /fps is now available

[+] Friends:
- Is now possible send a friend invite to the opponent faction using the Friend window in the main menu.
- Only if both friends are in their friend list is possible see the position in the world.
> If one removes the friend from the list, the other can see only the Online/Offline status.

friend.png (96.34 KiB) Viewed 1562 times

[+] Molloch and Gremlin pets have now a bigger size.

molloch.png (498.45 KiB) Viewed 1569 times

[+] Reindeer cap is now available in the Black Market of the capitals for 5000 credits.

[+] The custom cloak is now also visible inside the battlefields:
- Battle of Worlds
- War of Gods
- Battle of Titans

[!] Summoner: Under "block" the summoned pet can't use skills except the base attack.

[+] A bug with red skill loading bar while moving has been fixed.

[+] An improvement for OC has been applied.

[+] Custom Chakra NPC: is now possible use the DEMO button without the potion.

[+] It isn't possible anymore put an item in the cash depot within the last 5 seconds before a battle start.

[!] A fix for the problem with missing invisibility during the use of portals has been applied.

[+] After pressed delete in a mail with attachment is now possible get it without close and reopen the mail.

[!] Many other little bugs reported have been fixed.

[+] New Players:
- All accounts will be able to use now a new coupon to get a free 30 days Saddle and Whip.

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