Server Restart - 2019-10-27 3.00 GMT+2 CEST to CET

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Server Restart - 2019-10-27 3.00 GMT+2 CEST to CET

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 26/10/2019, 13:53

A restart is scheduled.

Time change from CEST to CET ( GMT+2 -> GMT+1 )

[+] Halloween

> The circus has arrived in Iberia but Joker has some problems...
- Complete the new Halloween quests and you'll receive a new costume ( 30D ) and a permanent unique rune.

[+] New item available in the Cash Shop: <<Mount - Name Change>>

> You can now change the name of your mounts.

[+] Ancient Kokuma

> The monsters have been updated: defence, HP and damage are now lowered.
> Added new items to drops:
- Aunloke and Kristan gloves +24
- Arcane's Reagent - Premium

[+] Battle Royal Survivor

> The battles of the weekend are now 3 vs All ( previously 4 vs All )

[!] Teleportation stone can't be used in war territorials anymore.

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