Weekly Restart - 2019-12-11 00.10 GMT+1

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Weekly Restart - 2019-12-11 00.10 GMT+1

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 08/12/2019, 16:36

A restart is scheduled.

[+] XMas event: on

[+] King of the Hill

> The level of the team skills has been increased to 6 ( previously 5 ).
> If a player of the defend team uses the teleport he will be moved in the base also if a meeting point is set.
> The defence boost bonus has been increased for the defence team.
> The cost to set a meeting point has been lowered from 1500 to 1200 BP.

[+] Mounts

> Moving the mouse cursor over the icon of the mount, in the mount's window, you can now see the name of the color applied.
> The number of total mounts per account has been increased from 20 to 25.

[+] Tournament Priest vs Priest

> The skill "Cure" is now disabled during this type of tournaments.

[+] Warrior

> The stance is now automatically applied when the player puts a two hands weapon or a shield.

[+] Battle of Titans

> The force points has been removed and replaced with Battle Points.
> The upgrade of the equip is now divided for weapons and armor with a cost in BP.
> The number of guardians of the titans has been increased from 3 to 4 and now they pay BP for each kill.
> The players are now grouped automatically when enter in the battle.
> The assist has been added in the game and now to get BP from kills the players can hit the same target.
> The enemy group is now shown in the right of the screen.
> It isn't possible anymore use medals to resurrect instantly.
> The time for resurrection has been changed and it is increased by 1 second every death.
> Everyone can now see the resurrection time of a player ( friend or enemy ) and the name of the killer.
> The SP ranking has been replaced with a new score board where is possible read the upgrade level for weapons and armor, movement speed, kills, assists, deaths, BP gained from kills and honor.
> The premium option "50% more force points from monsters", in the enter lobby, has been replaced with "+25% BP from monsters".

[+] Misc

> The guardian in the centre of ardir has been moved a bit far from the portal to avoid to be targeted.
> The extreme lag bug when the character jump with a mount while uses the portal has been fixed.

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