Weekly Restart - 2020-04-07 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2020-04-07 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 06/04/2020, 20:27

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Battlefields

> A limit of medals to buy BP has been added:
- 200 medals for all BF except the BoT with a limit of 50 medals.

[+] Misc

> You can now disable the use of portal with standard action ( key F ) from the game settings.
> Old sounds of mounts are back.
> WoG: Near the last seconds, if the flag is placed on the ground will stay there only for the rest of time of the 5 min instead 30 seconds.
> Some items can now be found in the auction using search.
> Albino tarantula companion is now bigger.
> The skin of the Blade in BR has been changed.
> Some reported bugs have been fixed.
> In the guild rewards, the box with 300 medals has been replaced with the random medal box from 50 to 300 medals.

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