Weekly Restart - 2020-07-08 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2020-07-08 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 08/07/2020, 17:33

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Battle of Titans (Battleground)

Other changes have applied based on your feedbacks:
> Titans are now able to hit players
> The level of the enemies is now shown correctly
> There isn't a leader of the group
> Added surrender button
- You can use it after 10 minutes of battle to start a poll and ask to the teammates if they want to surrender.
- No rewards are assigned for the loser team that use this feature.
- A new poll can start after 2 minutes from the previous.
- You can't use this feature if your team is going to win.
> Added in drops from monsters the items Pumpkins ball, Stunner Ball and Slow Ball.
> Priest can now use the sacrifice skill
> A new options has been added to the lobby: 550 honors in case of victory
> Added MVP at the end of the battle
> The number of players needed in the lobby to start the battle now shows the players left.
> The limit of medals you can buy in the battle has been lowered from 50 to 25 (2000BP).
> Added the Winner/Defeat message window at the end of the battle.
> Other small changes.

[+] Battle of Worlds / War of Gods

> A change to the Match Making has been applied: if a priest or a summoner is chosen to be kicked because the total number of players is odd another class will be chosen if the number of priest/summoner is even.

(This does not mean that when priests are not numerically equal one of them will be always kicked).

[+] Castle

> The number of players for a castle is now set to 28vs28

[+] Class Archer

- Some changes have been applied to this class:
> The HP medal skill 14000HP (in the right bar) can't be used anymore if the archer uses Flash.
> Using <<Wind Blessing>> the chance to reflect a physical hit has been restored like in past (note only physical attack).
> <<Body Control>> used with <<Wind Blessing>> will help to evade an attack and reflect it like in past.

[+] Open World

> The radar shows now the invisible players from a teleport without be in a group.

[+] War of Gods

> The cost in medals to use the instant revive is now increased after each use: 20 40 60 80 ...
> 4 new WoG replaced the King of the Hill on these days: Sun, Tue, Thr, Sat
> A little change has been applied to the WoG boxes reward in case of certain results (like 1 - 0 ).

[+] Battle Royal

> Nezak is temporarily suspended.
> A reported hole without exit in Mirhur has been fixed.
> The group buff has been changed (due to the feedbacks received) and now is individual.
- Without a priest in group the cooldown is lower, nothing changed with times.


> In the italian client the mercenary in chat is now changed from "Soldato Mercenario" to "Mercenario" to allow to see the name without place the mouse over.
> Many other little changes have been applied globally.
> Some reported bugs have been fixed.

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