Weekly Restart - 2020-07-23 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2020-07-23 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 20/07/2020, 13:34

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Class Balance

- Mage

> Mana Protective Barrier: Physical defense decreased from 512 to 380 (old value).

- Warrior

> Defence stance: Physical Defence 125%, Magic Defence: 128% ( previously 135% - 135% )

- Summoner

> Evocate Dark Spirit / Dark Ritual: cooldown increased from 18 to 30 seconds (dependent on weapon speed), mana cost reduced from 45% to 40%.

- Night Walker*

> Conniving Attack: damage decreased to 1527
> Gruesome Blade: damage decreased to 2384
> Slice Open can't be used anymore while moving (loading red bar added like warrior).

- Special Skills

> All-Seeing Gaze (S6 - S7, Battlefields and OpenWorld) is now static (not in movement) with a loading red bar.
> HP potion with medals in BattleFields is now blocked when a player has the Flash stun from an archer.

[+] Battle Royal

> Mage: the skill <<Rumapark's Retribution>> is now blocked in this battle.
> Invisibility potion: this potion can be used to evade an attack like before.
> New battle format with 3x premade groups:
- In some battles you are able to choose up to 2 friends.
- If 3 players choose exactly themselves they'll have their own group without any interference from other friends.
- You can still able to choose only 1 friend if you haven't a 3rd player in a 3x BR.
> A player has more time to join back in the battle after a crash before the start of the battle.

[+] Battle of Titans (BattleGround)

> The Rank is now available for this battle.

[+] Rank above the character

> The challenge rank is now shown only inside the challenge area, you can't select it anymore outside.
> From the NPC in the challenge room you can select to show the Battle Royal rank, the Battleground rank or nothing.
> Soon (in the next weeks) 1650 challenge points will be not enough to enable your permanent chakra. while the battleground rank will be enabled to show a permanent chakra effect.

[+] War of Gods

> Guardian Angel has been removed from the BP Shop.

- Some reported bugs have been fixed.
- The axe + jump should be always visible now.

* Some changes are experimental. Send your feedback by ticket.

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