Weekly Restart - 2020-09-02 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2020-09-02 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 01/09/2020, 12:32

A restart is scheduled.

[+] New Battle Mode: BATTLE FRONTIER [Beta]

> A new mode arrived in P4Story!
- Here the guide!

[+] NPC Buff

> Added the skill "Calm" when you use the Buff NPC

[+] Anbari

> Added a cap level in Anbari at 120.
- If a player with higher level enter in Anbari the stats are automatically lowered to 120.

[+] Colossus Mountains

> In the center you are now allowed to use positive skills (like buffs), only negative skills are blocked.

[+] Battleground

> Every death increases the respawn time by 2 seconds (previously 1 second)
> Fixed the defeat/win message when a team uses the surrender and the score is 0-0, now the winner sees the correct message.
> Some changes have been applied to the reward box.
- Added <<Concentration of Energy>>
- Arcane Reagent has been replaced by Arcane Reagent Premium
> Increased the stats of the Guardians and Titans.

[+] Battle Royal

> Rathapanda and Rudolf have been removed from the mounts available for the battle (due to the water problem).
> A fix has been applied to the 3x BR to prevent to other players to get the players of a 3x group when they select each other correctly.

[+] Misc

> The bubbles of Priest are shown now in front of the buff list.
> You can now disable the "Loop" of the Base Attack skills from the game settings to transform them in a normal skill one click = one use.
> You can't switch weapons/equip while jumping.
> While the character is under Anti-Target bubble the fast dodge can't be used to prevent the accidental use of it.
> Is now possible to use "Whisper" from a right click on the far members in the party or from the friend list.
> Some quest's items for teleport don't work anymore in the territories of war.
> Challenge Event: during the event only a completed battle is valid to get the rewards.

Note: Remember you can already add to friend players of the other factions using the button "Add Friend" in the Friend List and typing their name.

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