Time Change 2021-03-28 3.05 GMT+2 - CET to CEST

Update and Patch
Aggiornamenti e patch future
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Time Change 2021-03-28 3.05 GMT+2 - CET to CEST

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 27/03/2021, 15:53

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Time change from CET to CEST ( GMT+1 -> GMT +2 )

[+] Battle Royal

> Group UI updated
- Team mates are now shown in group like a classic group (HP, Mana, Buffs, Stuns)

[+] Bina

> Added in loot from monsters Pet HP items and Leaves (Red, Blue, Green)
> Raid Boss is now announced in chat from 19.50
> Darkness scroll color has been added in the Craft NPC in Bina

[+] Life Bar over Characters

> From the game settings is now possible to activate the Life Bar over the characters to see the HP of the character without to select it.

[+] Scale of pet <<Feline Beast>> has been increased.
[!] Some reported bugs have been fixed.

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