Weekly Restart - 2021-04-20 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2021-04-20 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 19/04/2021, 16:59

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Battle Royal

> The number of Buffs/Stuns in the UI for group members has been increased from 6 to 10 icons.
> A change to the respawn of the groups has been made.
- In case of 2 teammates are died and the alive player closes the game to avoid the respawn in the area, the last coordinates of the area will be used to respawn the group.
> Evocator in BR gets now assists from the kills of teammates staying near them (like for the priests).
> For the excluded players the box received as reward is now one (instead three).
> The winning team is now announced in the admin chat instead the upgrade chat.
> Blonea map: A fence has been added along the cliff over the sea in the final part.

[+] BattleFields

> The summoned monsters of the Evocators get +15% of damage from the weapon to compensate the PvP 68.
> A new evaluation system for players has been applied to BR and WoG (Beta).
- The evaluation is used to tell to the MM the "score" of a player to balance a team.
- From now the equip of the player will count in the final evaluation score summed to the ability of the player calculated (like ever) in the previous matches played.
- The mechanics of the calc of the ability has been updated.
- It will be extended to BFR and BOW after a period of test.

[+] Class Balance - Warrior

> The Block skill has been updated: it is now static again like some months ago (can't be used while moving).

[+] Tournament/Challenge

> Premium speed potion is now blocked during a fight.

[+] War of Gods

> Added 3 guardians and 2 catapults as default defenders around the flag like in the other maps.

[+] Misc

> When an Arcane Reagent is opened, in case of high bonuses the color in the chat is now red.
> Dodge: the animation is back
> Release skill (Archer/Night Walker): This skill can now be used only if the character has a block stun (the button is grey without a stun over the character).
> Wild Moman pet scale has been increased.
> A new item to trade Credits is available in the Black Market NPC in the Capitals (Markut/Keter)
- The item allows to trade 10.000 Credits
> Travel tools item can now be used inside Dungeons/Documents.
> For the skills Speed (Archer/Night walker), Ice Aura (Mage) and Poison (NightWalker) the effect can now be removed from the icon of the buff with a right click of the mouse.
> Guy Fawks Mask is now available for credits as skin in the Black Market of capitals (Keter/Markut)
> Some items can be now found in the auctioneer search (before they didn't appear in result).
> Raid Boss in Bina is announced 10 minutes before.
> Other little minor changes
> Some reported bugs has been fixed.

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