Server Update - 2022-12-03 00.10 GMT+1

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Server Update - 2022-12-03 00.10 GMT+1

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 02/12/2022, 22:44

A restart is scheduled.

[+] CrossFire

This night we will introduce the lobby-system Crossfire into the game and let you all test it!
At release it will have 2 maps and 1 new mode to play. Another mode is already in work and new maps as well.
We would like to collect feedback about mechanics and any bug related issues.

While the open beta is active, we will work on things like the matchmaking of other modes and ideas of #suggestions.

❗Basic XFire Information
1. Match duration: 15minutes (Surrender-button 8min limit), minimum Lv to join is 90
2. Does not work while TerritoryWar, but the rest of the entire day.
3. Rewards: new (quality) reward box


- The mystery boxes can now be opened during the ride.
- Nature: if the armor item is green (pvp 40 5g 4b +24) and the nature is +7, the bonus is now doubled to +14 with 30 HP more.
- Improved the bonuses obtained with the <<Arch Magician's Formula>>
- Battlefields:
> Changed the cost in BP for Courageousness Potion (70), Life Ampoule (50), Mana Ampoule (50).
> BP at start are now 800.
> Some changes have been applied to the MM of WoG/BoW/Frontier.
- "Charmed Necklace of Superior Defence" you can now change the bonus with DarkEssence.

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