Server Update - 2023-02-04 00.10 GMT+1

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Server Update - 2023-02-04 00.10 GMT+1

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 03/02/2023, 12:37

[+] Daily Quests

- An update has been made:
> All old quests have been removed (if you have an old scroll for l.3 or l.4 you can still use it).
> The levels are only 2 now.
# Level 1: Mini Raid Boss or Join a battlefield
# Level 2: PvP kill, PvP honor or PvE monster kill in Bina.
> You get the stamp for the day after completed a new level 2 quest.
> The moonstones in reward for the completed week are 30, for every completed week the reward is increased by 1 until a max of 50 ms.

[+] Chest Update

- These chests have been updated:
> <<Pearl of Oblivion>>
> <<Normal Fire Essence>> (completely changed, now including the colour Magma)

[+] Castles

- Reward for Ardir, Hesed, Gebra and Tyconteroga changed.
> A new box replaced the healing potions and the quest gives now 420.000 exp.
# The box contains: red gem (up to 2), blue gem, medals, reinforcement formula, pet exp (up to 2), glyph box (defence and attack), pearl of exp (up to 2), arcane reagents premium (up to 10).

[+] Battle Royal

- Yesode map is back (as requested by several players).


- Resurrection with the help of a priest no longer enables a dark face.
- Bina (Dimensional Portal):
> The amount of money from loot has been increased.
> The defence of monsters has been decreased.
- Marduk's Nest: the damage of less important monsters have been decreased.
- The equip of Keter/Markut, made with Gold coins, (+24) is now allowed for the equip score to join the battlefields.
- Battlefields: the exp gained (to level up the char) has been increased.
- Document 120 and Document 100: from red mushrooms monsters is now possible to loot Emeralds (green gems x2,5).

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