Weekly Restart - 2020-04-30 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2020-04-30 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 29/04/2020, 18:30

A restart is scheduled.

[+] War of Gods

> If a player closes the game after a death, after relog the character is still dead.

[+] Archer

> <<Lapiris' Protection>> can now be used while moving (Duration 6s instead previous 7s).
- To compensate the faster cast of the shield, the shield's duration got decreased by one second. The timing of it is now faster but more important.

[+] Battle Royal SV

> Changed the bonus generation of jewels .
> SV battles of 17.10 (Tue, Thr, Sat) have been replaced with 2vsAll (BR Sp)

Some reported bugs have been fixed.

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