Guild Rewards / Ricompense di Gilda

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Guild Rewards / Ricompense di Gilda

Post by Exakan » 30/06/2017, 2:55

What is the "Guild Reward" and how does it work?

Sense? - Rewards for the weekly activity of you and your guild!

Press G and open the new tab Reward.
Here you can see the current points of the guild & all guild members.

How to get points?
- make PvP in Territory & Castle War
- you need at least 500points and 4active days to unlock your reward
The "Redeem" -button can be pressed every 5 days!

A guild needs more players to unlock the reward for the members:

What is inside of "Guild Reward"?
10x 14000HP Potion, 10x 14000MP Potion, 300Medals, 1000BonusPoints, 5000PetExp

What is inside of "Superior Guild Reward"?
10x 20000HP Potion, 10x 20000MP Potion, 2x RaffleTokenBox, 300Medals, 1x 10000PetExp

The role of castles

- the maximum guild level is now 14 (max. 49 mercenaries)
- all players will be Lv140 while CastleWar
- a conquered castle mutiple the guild points!
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