Weekly Restart - 2019-05-24 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2019-05-24 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 22/05/2019, 20:47

A server restart is scheduled.

[+] Game Optimization

> A major update has been applied to the skill system
- To improve the game experience and solve some issues of the old version, the skill system has been redesigned.
- The players with high ping wìll have now a new feeling with their character.

[+] War of Gods

> For the instance with more than 14 players the group's size has been updated to:
- 15vs15 = Size 5
- 16vs16, 17vs17, 18vs18 = Size 6

> The instance with more than 14 players is now played always in Highland to have a large battlefield.

[+] Battle of Titans

> The preparation time before the start of the battle has been changed from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.

> The behavior of the blinking button to join the BoT has been changed
- If you click the button it stops to blink until the number of players in lobby goes again to zero.

> The ability item "Collection" for companion has been added in the "BP Shop" for 250 BP.

> New loot items have been added to the monsters:
- Whip ( 1 item = 1 use )
- Orb of Recovery
- Orb of Recuperation
- Orb of Meditation
- Explosive Orb
- Ambush Orb

* Remember: Invisibility potion is already available from Bosses of the monster's group.

> The number assigned to a player shown in the minimap is now visible also near the names of the group.

[+] Raffle Token

> Some items appear now with more frequency, for example:
- Cash Gemstone
- Concentration of Energy

[+] King of the Hill

> Increased the chance X4 to get the item <<Hero's Medal>>
> Added the item <<MoonStones Chest>> to the Reward Box.

[+] Hero's Medal

> The range to get random medals has been changed from 20-200 to 50-300.

[!] Other minor bugs reported have been fixed.

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