Weekly Restart - 2019-07-23 00.10 GMT+2

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Weekly Restart - 2019-07-23 00.10 GMT+2

Post by [GA]Mercurio » 22/07/2019, 20:33

A restart is scheduled.

[+] Territorial War

> No more North and South between territories, all zones are now unified.
- What this means? For example, if your guild conquers a territory in Hesed and you are in Gebra at the end of the war, you'll receive the reward for Hesed.

[+] New NPC - Aleena

> A new NPC arrived in Tebekut in the 1st Sentry Post:
- You can now craft a <<Small will to live>> with value of 500 HP for 120x <<Gleaming red herbs>>, 120x <<Withered green herbs>>, 120x <<Gleaming blue herbs>>

[+] War of Gods

> When a player kills an enemy all members of the team near him get the SP ( previously it was for group members only ).
- Now a member alone can still receive Special Points or give them to the teammates.

[+] Puppet

> New puppets appeared in the 1st sentry post in Tebekut.
> You can't now move the puppets from their position.
> The damage over a puppet is now shown to the players near you.

[+] Private Shop

> The price is now colored with Green, Orange or Red based on value:
- Green <= 1 gold
- Orange > 1 gold and <= 10 golds
- Red > 10 golds

[+] Priest

> Skill "Sanctuary": used while riding, dismounts the character from the mount.

[+] Battle Fields

> The cost in medals of the cash eye has been increased to 40 ( previously 30 ).

[+] Chat

> When you open the chat to write a message the Admin chat and Upgrade Chat appear again for some seconds.

* Some bugs have been fixed.
** Metamorphosis skill is now fixed.

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