Upgrade System

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Upgrade System

Post by Zombre » 22/08/2019, 8:53


Can someone help me how can i upgrade my stuff easier to +24.
I only get it to +20 always and sometimes to +22 but never further then this.

Should i only use 200% Serendipity at +21?
Or whats better in this case or is it just luck to get there and there is no trick behind it?
Just give me some tips how you guys upgrade your Equipment to +24 :)

Also my last question is where can i get the 150% and 200% Serendipitys at the moment?

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Re: Upgrade System

Post by Exakan » 22/08/2019, 16:10

You can easily reach 20-22 with the 100% potion, also after +11 you have to up at uneven numbers to increase the chance (13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23). 150-200% are available in some event chests and other rare rewards (example daily Dragon Invasion in Colossus). They are not worth it at low stages, maybe use them at 21 or 23. In general the upgrade system is a simple RNG, so there is no real trick behind it.

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